TwinPower Turbo engine – The latest addition to BMW 2 series

TwinPower Turbo engine – The latest addition to BMW 2 series

BMW family is huge, and any car enthusiast will find a vehicle that suits their needs. Series 2 is a choice for many people because it contains cars that are excellent as well as affordable. The company is on a continuous quest to expand all of their series, including this one. The latest additions that will see the light of day during 2017 are the 4 and 6-cylinder inline engines, which of course are turbocharged. This isn’t the only addition to BMW 2 series as many other interesting things company introduced.

Turbocharged engines would change the way we see BMW

turbochargeThe machines with said engines are rolling out of BMW factories and you can buy them (order) through any authorized BMW dealer. 230i Coupe and Convertible are already on the sale lists with the 4-cylinder 2-liter engine that delivers 248 horsepower. If you want more powerful versions of these cars that come with the 6-culinder engine, then you should check M Performance models. These more powerful engines produce more 335 horsepower, which is 15hp more than the old motor. You can opt for 3-liter engine which will provide the same performance as old one series Coupe.

We applaud the 2 liter 4-cylinder engines, but the truth is that we have been waiting for the engine that has 6-cylinders. It stands out from other similar engines due to its efficiency, liveliness it gives as well as the response that is nearly instantaneous. This engine is superior to other machines due to many factors, including acoustic shielding and the position of the twin turbocharger. We shouldn’t forget to mention the pulling power this engine has (369 lb-ft) and the fact it can maintain it over a wide range of rev.

New Series 2 – A future of BMW

This latest addition to Series 2 is proof that BMW supports its buyers and they are thinking about what people love. We like the new additions that the company did, and we are eagerly waiting for new things that will come out of the BMW.