The introduction of this model shook the world of automobiles as BMW didn’t have a couple in their 2 Series.  This car succeeded a highly successful 1 Series Coupe which caught many by surprise as no one expected this kind of model in 2 Series. The performance increase between two Coupes is enormous, which is the main reason this model received a lot of praise, and it succeeded in the sales.

New and excellent 2 Series BMW

BMW Coupe belongs to sub-compact vehicles group when it comes to aesthetics, allure and powerful abilities. The concept of the build introduces standard two doors and four seats with rear wheel drive. The engine of this car is set-up in a way that increases its sporting abilities, which this car has in excess.

bmwThe car as a whole is magnificent, but the real fun starts when we look under the hood. People can choose 240hp 4-cylinder 2.0-liter M228i. This powerful engine will satisfy all BMW lovers and people who want to save some money on the gasoline. People who want speed and sports performance will find that 3.0-liter 6-cylinder M234i a much better engine. It produces 210hp which is more than enough for this small car. Add to that other sports systems, and you have a strong little racer in your garage.

But that is not even the beginning of a list of features that BMW offers. There is the Driving Experience Control that allows you to turn on ECO PRO, where you will save more fuel during a trip. Then there are always excellent handling attributes that come from the very basic design of the vehicle. Rear-wheel drive along with new chassis design and several other aspects make the ride smooth and comfortable.

BMW 2 Series Coupe – A sports car for ordinary men

BMW is a company that understands the needs of common people. They know that we aren’t all wealthy to drive sports cars which are why they turn everyday vehicles into road-eating machines. We are happy that they do that and we hope that they will continue doing that as long as we are here.