We are a group of BMW 2 Series lovers and, like any other car club we follow all news from BMW concerning vehicles that we adore. We are out there gathering info from various sources about new additions to this car line, as well as new features that we might expect in the future.

We aren’t just some local BMW lovers club;  we operate on a global level. We understand that there are BMW fans and owners who don’t live in an area that has a club. We are open to all people who have some connection to BMW vehicles, especially to 2 Series. We post on a regular basis and our posts can inform everyone about new additions to this car line. Those posts include reviews on new models and the features with which they come as well as some general talk about safety tests and the scores those vehicles got.

We love our BMW’s which doesn’t mean that we won’t criticize a model or a feature. We want the best for 2 Series, and we will criticize every bad move that the company makes. We hope that our input will have a positive impact on the company as well as people who think about buying a 2 Series BMW.