BMW 2 Series Coupe – Beginning of a successful car line

BMW 2 Series Coupe – Beginning of a successful car line

The introduction of this model shook the world of automobiles as BMW didn’t have a couple in their 2 Series.  This car succeeded a highly successful 1 Series Coupe which caught many by surprise as no one expected this kind of model in 2 Series. The performance increase between two Coupes is enormous, which is the main reason this model received a lot of praise, and it succeeded in the sales.

New and excellent 2 Series BMW

BMW Coupe belongs to sub-compact vehicles group when it comes to aesthetics, allure and powerful abilities. The concept of the build introduces standard two doors and four seats with rear wheel drive. The engine of this car is set-up in a way that increases its sporting abilities, which this car has in excess.

bmwThe car as a whole is magnificent, but the real fun starts when we look under the hood. People can choose 240hp 4-cylinder 2.0-liter M228i. This powerful engine will satisfy all BMW lovers and people who want to save some money on the gasoline. People who want speed and sports performance will find that 3.0-liter 6-cylinder M234i a much better engine. It produces 210hp which is more than enough for this small car. Add to that other sports systems, and you have a strong little racer in your garage.

But that is not even the beginning of a list of features that BMW offers. There is the Driving Experience Control that allows you to turn on ECO PRO, where you will save more fuel during a trip. Then there are always excellent handling attributes that come from the very basic design of the vehicle. Rear-wheel drive along with new chassis design and several other aspects make the ride smooth and comfortable.

BMW 2 Series Coupe – A sports car for ordinary men

BMW is a company that understands the needs of common people. They know that we aren’t all wealthy to drive sports cars which are why they turn everyday vehicles into road-eating machines. We are happy that they do that and we hope that they will continue doing that as long as we are here.


Gran Tourer – New addition to BMW 2 series

Gran Tourer – New addition to BMW 2 series

This car brings some fresh air in Series 2 with its versatility and flexibility. It’s a compact model, and still, it comes with seven seats which can hold a whole family. Gran Tourer is a BMW car so you can expect all-wheel drive in all its iterations. It wouldn’t be BMW without a turbo-charged engine, and you have a choice of five different engines.

The versatility of the Gran Tourer

This BMW is perfect for people who have big families, and they also like to enjoy a smooth ride in a semi-sports car. Gran Tourer is all this and more with its 4.5 meters length and 1.8 meters width. The capacity of the trunk depends on the number of seats that is up. The luggage compartment can hold up to 805 liters with all three rows of seats up. When you fold backrests down, then you gain 1905 liters of space. The said backseats are standard sliding seats that will fold down by pressing a button. Every row of seats has their luggage compartments as well as small tables. This rounds-up a Gran Tourer, “family van” that is practical, fast and comfortable.

Gran Tourer – Personalized dream on wheels

wheelBMW wouldn’t be the best automobile company without the broad array of choices it gives its clients. The Series 2 never saw this kind of a vehicle, a seven-seat car that comes with five different turbo-charged engines that produce between 116 and 192hp depending on the strength of the engine and number of cylinders (three or four). The BMW EfficientDynamics package will ensure that you experience sporty part of the car along with high fuel efficiency. The latest version of ConnectedDrive will ensure that the ride in this car is safe and that you can access all relevant info whenever you want.

Advanced variants of Gran Tourer are coming

BMW Gran Tourer also comes in four additional variations. The Sports Line is focused on speed, The Luxury line has its focus on the looks, The Advantage provides better functionality while The M Sports model comes with a wide-array of additions that turn the Gran Tourer in the semi-sports car.

TwinPower Turbo engine – The latest addition to BMW 2 series

TwinPower Turbo engine – The latest addition to BMW 2 series

BMW family is huge, and any car enthusiast will find a vehicle that suits their needs. Series 2 is a choice for many people because it contains cars that are excellent as well as affordable. The company is on a continuous quest to expand all of their series, including this one. The latest additions that will see the light of day during 2017 are the 4 and 6-cylinder inline engines, which of course are turbocharged. This isn’t the only addition to BMW 2 series as many other interesting things company introduced.

Turbocharged engines would change the way we see BMW

turbochargeThe machines with said engines are rolling out of BMW factories and you can buy them (order) through any authorized BMW dealer. 230i Coupe and Convertible are already on the sale lists with the 4-cylinder 2-liter engine that delivers 248 horsepower. If you want more powerful versions of these cars that come with the 6-culinder engine, then you should check M Performance models. These more powerful engines produce more 335 horsepower, which is 15hp more than the old motor. You can opt for 3-liter engine which will provide the same performance as old one series Coupe.

We applaud the 2 liter 4-cylinder engines, but the truth is that we have been waiting for the engine that has 6-cylinders. It stands out from other similar engines due to its efficiency, liveliness it gives as well as the response that is nearly instantaneous. This engine is superior to other machines due to many factors, including acoustic shielding and the position of the twin turbocharger. We shouldn’t forget to mention the pulling power this engine has (369 lb-ft) and the fact it can maintain it over a wide range of rev.

New Series 2 – A future of BMW

This latest addition to Series 2 is proof that BMW supports its buyers and they are thinking about what people love. We like the new additions that the company did, and we are eagerly waiting for new things that will come out of the BMW.