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We are a club that gathers around the BMW cars. To be more precise, we are the owners of BMW 2 Series, and we gather and discuss and publish news that touch on the subject of 2 Series. We respect other car manufacturers and models, but 2 Series is the best line of cars that every existed.

We love our BMW’s

We love our BMW’s which doesn’t mean that we won’t criticize a model or a feature. We want the best for 2 Series, and we will criticize every bad move that the company makes. We hope that our input will have a positive impact on the company as well as people who think about buying a 2 Series BMW.

What’s new?

we have summed up some of the new 2 series BMWs stuff. Read about them below


2 Series Coupe

2 Series Coupe with powerful 4-cylinder engine is a great addition that arrived in last several years. This small car appeals to average drivers who want both the comfort and speed in a small car that is affordable.


Powertrain Options

The latest 2 Series introduced Powertrain options which were previously only found in 3 Series and other stronger BMW models. The system supports rather powerful engines that produce up to 320hp (4-cylinder 3.0-liter engine found in the m235i model).


Track Handling Package

People who prefer an excellent handling will be happy to hear about the introduction of Track Handling Package and advanced xDrive into the 2 Series. These features are optional, and they improve the overall handling of the car.


2.0-lier engine found in 228i will get you up to 60mph in only five seconds. This is an excellent result for a car as cheap as this BMW. People who want more power can opt for M235i with its 320hp which will reach 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

New computer safety features

The safety of the driver and other people within the car is raised on a whole new level with new computer features that reduce the damage an accident can cause. The driver isn’t the only one that can minimize the damage; the BMW is there to support them.


iDrive was a complicated system in the past, and no one used it due to that. We tested the latest iteration of the system, and we found that it’s very easy to use it. The complexity is still there, but it’s easy to operate it.

test results

BMW is one, if not the, of the best car brands in the world and the overall quality is seen in all of the models they make. The 2 Series is also a BMW line whose tests show excellent results and people love how this company makes its cars.

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BMW 2 Series vs Audi A3

A good car is not only defined by its drive-line specs but also its price and styling. And on that breath, the Audi A3 and BMW 2 series look almost the same. The Audi A3 is a sedan and is currently selling at a price of $31,200 while the BMW 2 series is selling at...

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Gran Tourer – New addition to BMW 2 series

This car brings some fresh air in Series 2 with its versatility and flexibility. It’s a compact model, and still, it comes with seven seats which can hold a whole family. Gran Tourer is a BMW car so you can expect all-wheel drive in all its iterations. It wouldn’t be...

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